Refused car insurance because of drink behind the wheel, what now?

Have you been caught drinking alcohol behind the wheel? This can have far-reaching consequences for your car insurance. It could be that your insurer will immediately terminate the insurance, or that any damage will no longer be compensated. Your insurer may also refuse to provide you with new car insurance. We explain the consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Effects on your car insurance of drinking alcohol behind the wheel

When you have caused a car accident after drinking alcohol there are consequences. When you cause damage to another person, you are normally insured by one that compensates this damage. This WA insurance is obligatory by law in the Netherlands, and in case of damage your insurer is obliged to compensate you for the damage. However, sometimes a car insurance has an alcohol clause. This means that your car insurer will pay for the damage for the other party, but that you as the insured party will have to pay this amount back to your car insurer. It is important to look carefully at the policy conditions when taking out insurance, because not every car insurance policy has an alcohol clause.

The damage to your own car is not covered with a third-party insurance anyway. When you have a WA + Limited Cascade insurance or an all-risk insurance, other rules apply. In that case, damage to your own car is (partly) insured. However, when you have caused the accident under the influence of alcohol, the damage to your own car will not be covered by the insurance and your insurer will not reimburse you. Even when you have only driven over a pole, the repair costs of your car can be considerable.

If you are stopped with a blood alcohol level that is too high, you may be banned from driving. This means that you are not allowed to drive any motor vehicle for a certain period of time. You will have problems with getting a new car insurance, even after your driving ban has been lifted. Being banned from driving means that you are registered with the CIS foundation. Stichting CIS is an organisation that keeps all important data concerning your insurance in a database. Access to this database is granted to all insurance companies and agents, and this database is checked every time you apply for insurance. This means that if you have a CIS registration, you will find very few regular insurers who will want to insure you.

How long do you remain registered in the CIS database after drink-driving?

On average, a driving ban remains registered for approximately 5 years. Your CIS registration is automatically deleted from the database after this period. Until then, you will probably not be able to take out car insurance with a regular insurer. Your car insurance may also be refused if you have caused damage while driving under the influence of alcohol. Insurance companies will check with each new application whether you have ever been convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol. It is on this basis that they will decide whether or not to insure you.

When your car insurance has been refused because of driving under the influence you can still take out an insurance with Diks Verzekeringen

If the insurance of your car was refused because you drove under the influence of alcohol, then you can still obtain a car insurance from De Vereende through Diks Verzekeringen. They are specialised in insuring what are called 'special risks'. You will be able to turn to De Vereende when other insurers assess the risk as too high.

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Last updated: 08-03-2021

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