Is caravan insurance mandatory?

When you buy a caravan, you are not obliged to take out a caravan insurance. Do you pull the caravan with your car? Then you are automatically insured with your WA car insurance. This means that when you cause damage to another person with your caravan, it will be compensated by your car insurance company.

Nevertheless, it may be wise to take out a separate caravan insurance. Damage to your own caravan is not insured and has to be paid for by yourself. Especially when you own a new or expensive caravan, it is wise to take a look at caravan insurance, even though it is not mandatory. The repair costs of damage to a caravan can be quite high.

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Why take out caravan insurance?

If damage to others is covered under your car insurance (when the caravan is hitched) or your liability insurance (when the caravan is unhitched), why would you take out caravan insurance? The WA car insurance and liability insurance only cover liability damages. This means that when your caravan is on the campsite and is hit by a storm, you will have to pay for the costs yourself. It is not true that with an all-risk car insurance you are insured for damage to your own caravan. This coverage is really only for your car.

Do consider whether it is worthwhile taking out caravan insurance for your caravan. If you have an older, second-hand caravan that you bought for not too much money, caravan insurance is usually not necessary. However, if you have a brand new or expensive caravan, caravan insurance may be advisable even though it is not mandatory.

What damages does caravan insurance cover?

With standard caravan insurance your caravan is insured against for instance fire, explosion, burglary and theft. Storm damage is in most cases also insured. However, hail damage is not covered by many insurers! The weather conditions are becoming more and more unpredictable and large hail storms are becoming more frequent. A big hailstorm can cause a lot of damage. When you compare caravan insurance policies, you can indicate whether or not you wish to include hail.

Does your caravan have an awning, canopy or maybe even an extension? Then this is often also insured, just like your contents in the caravan. However, there can be large differences in coverage between insurers. Therefore it is advisable to always compare various caravan insurances with each other. Even though you are not obliged to take out a caravan insurance, it does have many advantages. You are covered for a lot of damages and you can always travel with peace of mind.

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Last updated: 18-06-2021

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