Do you need legal expenses insurance for your car?

When taking out a car insurance policy, you can choose to take out additional insurance for legal assistance, for example. But what exactly does it mean and do you need legal assistance insurance for your car?

What is car legal expenses insurance?

Legal expenses insurance for the car is an additional insurance. This additional insurance is not compulsory, but it can be very useful. For example, you may end up in a conflict about the guilt of an accident. With a legal assistance insurance for the car you get help with the recovery of, for example, your car damage for which someone else is responsible. In addition, the legal assistance car insurance also covers other legal conflicts that arise in traffic.

Hold counterparty liable

You have been hit by a car, but are not at fault. In order to get your damage compensated, you have to hold the other party liable. With legal assistance, you can hold the other party liable for causing both personal injury and material damage. If the other party is held responsible, you can recover the damages.

Defending innocence

The moment you have a collision with another driver, the other party may hold you liable for the accident. Imagine that you have a collision with another driver. Then the other party can hold you liable for the accident. But it could be that another driver is to blame. Then you can get legal help to defend your innocence.

Calculation of damage

An expert makes a calculation of the damages incurred. Of both the current damage and any additional damage such as loss of income. You will also receive expert advice on medical assistance.

Conflicts with car dealers

Do you have a conflict with the garage about the purchase of a car, for example? Or about maintenance that has been carried out on the car? Then you can also call in your legal assistance insurance. Condition is that the garage is a member of BOVAG.

What is the difference with the legal assistance insurance module Traffic?

You can take out legal assistance insurance as a separate policy or as a separate cover with your car insurance. With a general legal assistance insurance you also have the choice between a number of different modules, including the module traffic. Hereby you get legal help and advice in traffic. Do you have damage because of an accident in the car, on the motorbike, as a cyclist or as a pedestrian? Then you are insured for legal help and advice with the traffic module. It depends on your wishes what is more advantageous. In any case, make sure that you are not overinsured.

In addition, legal expenses insurance for your car is also useful if you come into conflict with your garage or car dealer when buying a car, for example. With the Traffic module of a general legal assistance insurance you are not insured for these kinds of conflicts.

Compare legal expenses insurance for cars

When you compare legal expenses for your car insurance, you will notice that the differences between insurers are quite large. Of course you want the premium to be as low as possible, but don't forget to look at the coverage. After all, you don't choose legal expenses for your car insurance for nothing. You want to be well insured in case of legal conflicts. On we make comparing as easy as possible for you. We show you in an overview which coverage at the lowest premium suits you best.

What do I need to consider when taking out legal expenses insurance for my car?

Since the differences between the terms and conditions can vary greatly from one insurer to another, it is advisable to pay attention to the following points:

  • Find out who is insured. Just you or also your family?
  • Is there coverage only in the Netherlands, Europe or worldwide?
  • Is recovery of damage from the other party covered?
  • Are the costs partially or fully covered?
  • Are conflicts over the ownership of the car covered?
  • Are conflicts relating to a hire car or replacement transport covered?

Other supplementary car insurances

In addition to legal aid for the car, there are a number of other supplementary insurances you can take out. For example, there is accident occupants insurance, which pays out a fixed amount in the event of death or permanent disability of the driver and/or passengers. Material damage is not covered under this policy, for this you have to take out a passenger indemnity insurance. Finally, there is also an additional breakdown assistance insurance.

Calculate car insurance premium

  • i To calculate the premiums, we need the postal code of the main driver. In case of private use, the youngest driver must reside at the same address as the applicant. In case of business use you can fill in the postal code of the company.

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Last updated: 25-05-2021

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