Damage in someone else's car: am I insured?

When you are driving in someone else's car and you have an accident or suffer damage, you may wonder about your car insurance. Are you actually insured for car damage when you drive in someone else's car?

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What is reimbursed in the event of an accident with someone else's car?

If you have an accident in someone else's car and damage their car, it is covered by their car insurance. What will be compensated depends on the coverage of the car insurance:

  • The WA car insurance only compensates for damage you cause to others, but not for damage to your own - or in this case the borrowed - car.
  • The car insurance limited casco covers besides damage to others also some damages to your own car caused by external calamities (storm, fire, window breakage, burglary and collision with animals).
  • All-risk car insurance also covers damage to your own car, even if you are responsible for the accident.

Did someone else cause the accident? Then the insurer of the other party will compensate the damage.

Damage to someone else's car: loss of claim-free years

The accumulated claim-free years are linked to the insured car. If damage is caused with the car, it is at the expense of the accrued years. This also applies if someone else was the driver of the car during the accident. The damage caused during the loan of the car can also increase the premium of your car insurance.

Damage caused by driving another person's car - Personal injury

The care you need in case of personal injury is covered by your own health insurance. Irrespective of whether you are to blame for the accident or not. This care usually falls under your own risk. If you are not liable, you can recover the costs not reimbursed by your health insurance (excess, for example) from the other party.

Are you a car owner yourself and do you want to know how to recover damages? Read this article: Will damage to my car be compensated by someone else?

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Last updated: 06-09-2021

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