Someone else is riding my moped. Is he insured?

The moped insurance reimburses damage caused by the insured moped. Depending on the chosen cover, the insurer also offers cover for damage to the moped itself, but what about lending it out? Is that allowed and can problems arise from lending? Am I insured on another person's moped?

The moped insurance is linked to the vehicle and not to the person who has taken out the insurance. So you can let someone else ride the moped, but only if the driver is authorised to drive. He or she must therefore have a driving licence or a moped certificate. The question is whether it is wise.

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Insurer may not provide cover for younger drivers

For younger drivers, the insurer may charge a higher excess, but the consequences may be even greater. The insurer can exclude damage caused by drivers younger than 25. In that case, the consequences of damage caused by a young driver are incalculable. The insurer does not pay out or recovers the damage they have paid out to the other party. Suppose, due to the accident, a pedestrian is permanently injured. The claims resulting from this are priceless. So be very careful about lending to a younger person.


What if the borrower damages the moped?

In an accident, your moped can be severely damaged. If you are not insured for damage to your own vehicle, a problem arises. Who pays for the damage to your moped? Does the borrower have the money to compensate you financially? Is the borrower also willing to pay for the damage? So it remains to be seen whether you will be paid for the damage by the person to whom you lent the vehicle.

You can lend out a bicycle, but not a moped. In most cases, the moped insurance provides cover, but the risks are too great.

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